Sofus Skovgaard

Software developer

Welcome to my website, portfolio and blog. I'm currently getting an education in software development as a Data technician specializing in programming, it's a mouthful.

I started my education in Sønderborg, Denmark and my full-time apprenticeship at MemberLink ApS in april of 2018. I'll be a qualified Data technician around august of 2023.

On the daily i work on multiple C# .NET Framework backends and a React.js frontend. I've also worked on our React Native apps that utilize to streamline the development and deployment process. I also work almost daily on our different databases, Azure Table Storage, MySQL and SQL Server.

Work experience

Data technician apprentice
MemberLink ApSApr, 2018 Present·6 yrs 3 mos


Data technician specializing in programming
May, 2018 Present·6 yrs 2 mos

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